2014 Legislative Talking Points

Keeping our seniors and independent and living in their homes is of the utmost importance as they age. We thank you, our local and state representatives, for supporting the work we do. The members of the WVDSCS pray you continue to do so in the future, even more so since our state represents such a rising median age. Please, do all in your power to ensure the services currently offered are available for “Baby Boomers.” Sustainability is important to our rapidly aging population.

WVDSCS Points of Interest

Medicaid Personal Care – At a recent meeting of the WVDSCS motion was made and seconded to make legislators aware of our contention that the Personal Care Certificate of Need process is not in need of change. We contend that the
current procedures work. Further, we, as provider agencies, recognize our need
to meet the increased demand for services under this program.
Community Partnership – We ask that you consider continuing funding via the Community Partnership grant program. These funds, while not a part of our day-to-day budgets, are utilized to provide a wide array of equipment, supplies and program needs.

We believe:

  • More thought related to new and existing DHHR policies, as approved by the Legislature, must forever keep in mind our seniors and their families.
  • The recent changes related to the brokerage system for the Non-Emergency Medical Transport program is not the best way to deal with over expenditures. The problem, as we see it, surrounds family members and their abuses of the process. Further, no one can take better care of a WV senior than a WV Senior Center; 55 Strong!
  • Our services are provided with a personal, heartfelt touch.

2014 legislative talking points