Member Benefits

West Virginia Directors of Senior and Community Services


The goals of the Association are to promote and assist in the establishment of programs and services, where funding sources permit, to senior and community service agencies and to assist in the care of disabled persons over the age of eighteen (18), persons sixty (60) years of age and above, and other programs and services which this Association may deem appropriate for citizens of the State of West Virginia.

The objectives of the Association are to form a legal entity representative of persons having a common interest in the accomplishments of the stated objectives of the Association:

  • To eliminate duplication of effort and assist in the correlation of all activities.
  • To educate the public with regard to the problems and concerns of seniors across the state of West Virginia.
  • To unify seniors into an organization dedicated to working for a common goal of promoting life, health, honor, and dignity for the aging population of the State of West Virginia.
  • To serve as advocates for those we serve as deemed necessary in regard to funding, public policy, and governmental programs and regulations.

This Association is hereby empowered to do anything reasonable, lawful, necessary, suitable, and convenient for the achievement of the goals and objectives previously stated.


Regular meetings are scheduled January through May, November and December. Meetings are held at a location within the state to allow for minimal travel from any county. The counties within the state are divided in to four quadrants. Quadrant meetings are encouraged during the months of June through October.

Other meetings of the membership may be called by the President or the Executive Committee as deemed necessary.

The Association holds two conferences per year in April and October. Quadrants rotate hosting the conferences. These conferences are usually held over a three-day period and are a time when members can gather to socialize, share information, become informed on issues from guest speakers, and meet several vendors that provide services and/or products to senior agencies and programs.