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Senior services could not be provided in West Virginia without the work of county aging providers throughout the state. A senior center is located in each county, and most counties have satellite centers as well. Although originally created to administer Older Americans Act programs, the role of the centers has expanded through the years to encompass Medicaid programs, state-supported programs, and local initiatives. LIFE (Legislative Initiative for the Elderly), a state-funded program, is part of the senior center array of services. Services vary by county but are modeled after those provided by the Older Americans Act

Goals & Objectives

Section 1. The goals of the Organization are to promote and to assist in the establishment of programs and services, where funding sources permit, to senior centers, and to assist in the care of disabled persons over the age of eighteen (18) years, persons sixty (60) years of age or over and other programs and services that this Organization may deem appropriate for citizens of the State of West Virginia.

Section 2. The objectives of the Organization are to form a legal entity representative of persons having a common interest in the accomplishments of the stated objectives of this Organization: To eliminate duplication of effort, assist in the correlation of all activities: To educate the public with regard to the problems and concerns of Seniors across the State of West Virginia and to unify Seniors into an organization dedicated to working for a common goal of promoting life,



(Washington, D. C.) The West Virginia Directors of Senior & Community Services is the recipient of the 2010 National Institute of Senior Center’s State Association Award. NISC operates as an important facet of the National Council on Aging which exists to develop programming and secure federal funding for aging programs nationwide.

“I am extremely proud to receive this award on behalf of the WVDSCS,” said Robert Roswall, president. “We have certainly worked hard in recent years. I believe the association is viewed as a major player in terms of senior programs and services in West  Virginia. There are directors in every portion of the state who give selflessly each and  every day. This award is an acknowledgement of their tireless service.”

The criteria for receiving the award includes advocacy efforts; enhancing professional senior center leadership at local, state and national levels; developing  resources to improve and strengthen the range and quality of programs and services in senior centers and the enhancing of senior center images.

The Chairman of NISC, David S. Taylor, says the WVDSC is one of the best associations in the country. “The National Institute of Senior Centers is pleased to recognize the efforts of the West Virginia Directors of Senior and Community Services for their outstanding service to the seniors of West Virginia.”

Roswall will receive the award in April of 2011 as part of the American Society on Aging/NCOA Annual Conference in San Francisco, California. Chuck Ricks, executive director of the Roane County Committee on Aging, prepared the winning proposal.

For more information about senior programs and services in your county, contact your
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